How to Clean Your Desk Chair

It is important that your office chair stays clean and comfortable, after all, you will probably spend a lot of time in it!  Cleaning your chair will also help it to last much longer too!  Cleaning methods change depending on the type of chair you have, as well as the material it is made of.  Whether your chair needs a gentle clean, or deep tough stain removal, with the right products and methods you can make your chair as clean as it was when you first bought it!  Below we are going to discuss proven methods of cleaning the many different materials used in gaming or office chairs.

For Mesh and Fabric Chairs

              The best way to begin cleaning a mesh chair is to start by vacuuming the seat and chair back.  Get as many crumbs and as much debris out as you can, and then move on to spot cleaning.  For easy-to-remove stains, start with a mixture of warm water and mild soap, such as dish soap, on a clean towel.  Dab stains until they have been completely removed.  For tougher stains, try using a stain remover solution specific to your chair’s brand, and use a clean, dry towel to remove any residue.  Be sure to avoid anything harsh or sharp that may cause the mesh or fabric to tear or fray!  Finally, let your chair airdry.  Depending on how many stains you removed, and how damp your chair is, this step may take a couple of hours!

For Plastic Chairs

              Plastic chairs or the plastic parts of chairs are very easy to clean!  Simply make a mixture of dish soap and water on a towel and wipe the chair down.  For stains, it is okay to scrub a little harder than you would on fabric or mesh, or you can even add additional drops of soap into your mixture!  If you need a deeper clean, it may also be okay to use certain cleaning or disinfecting solutions if they aren’t too harsh. 

For Leather Chairs

              Leather can be a little bit more difficult, as the material is more sensitive.  Leather easily absorbs bodily oils and tends to stain slightly easier.  However, stains and dirt can be lifted relatively well if you use the right products and methods.  The best cleaner to use is a cleaning foaming solvent that is specially formulated for leather.  Apply a small amount to a dry towel and gently rub down your chair, placing an extra focus on stains.  For an extra layer of protection, it is a good idea to add a leather protectant.