Gaming vs Office Chairs: Which is Right for You?

Not sure which chair is right for you?  Want to make sure you choose one that'll work - or play - as hard as you?  When it comes to choosing, it can be difficult to decide on the best option, especially if you do not know the differences.  Picking the right chair is important in helping with comfort, as well as avoiding long-term back or neck problems.  Let's begin by discussing the basic differences between office chairs and gaming chairs!

Gaming Chairs

So, what exactly is a gaming chair?  A gaming chair is specifically designed for recreation with an ergonomic build that is meant to be comfortable and supportive for long hours playing video games.  They are usually found in the racer styles, with a tall back, lumbar and head support, and adjustable armrests.  They tend to recline significantly further than office chairs and are often equipped with tilt locks.  Gaming chairs can also be found in more vibrant, fun, and colorful designs!

Within the category of gaming chairs, there are more specialized types, such as PC chairs (otherwise known as racer chairs), rocker chairs, and console chairs (or pedestal chairs).  PC gaming chairs function very similarly to a standard office chair but have more fully adjustable features.  Rocker gaming chairs are commonly found with a simple design that sits directly on the floor.  As their name permits, the chair can be rocked back and forth, and many even have the ability to fold down to save room! Finally, there are pedestal gaming chairs.  These are very similar to the design of rocking chairs, but rather have a pedestal base with no wheels.  Some of these gaming chairs are even immersive, and are equipped with Bluetooth speakers, vibrations, lighting, and more!

Office Chairs

Office chairs, on the other hand, are designed for productivity.  They are considerably more toned down than gaming chairs but have a few of the same features.  Office chairs tend to be built with an ergonomic design that provides more lumbar support than many gaming chairs.  Although office chair armrests are not as fully adjustable, and they only offer a portion of the tilt ability that gaming chairs do, they have been found to reduce tension on the body.  This will help with user productivity and help them to maintain their work schedule with fewer breaks.